Re: Broken clutch knob


Stainless steel is notoriously difficult to drill. It will be hard,
and compared to the surrounding aluminum it will be extremely hard.
That is why an "easy-out" is anything but in this situation. Drilling
a small hole in the exact center of a small diameter stainless bolt
stub for a very small easy out is going to be extremely difficult and
require precise alignments, centering, and a great deal of care. If
this is the case, I would definitely leave it to the professionals.


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Hi Pete,

Be very careful that the pilot drill doesn't wander off the hard
clutch screw and into the soft aluminium casting. I believe the
clutch screw is stainless steel and it might work harden when it is
being drilled. You might want to consider having a machine shop do
the job.

I think that you can use the mount as it is, so you might want to
wait until the AP folks get back from their Christmas holidays, and
then check with them.


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