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Yves Laroche

Hi Ajai,

I've got plenty of synchronization problem last summer until i decided to uncheck the Use Horizon Check feature in your driver. I was able to slew to objects when they were on the same meridian side but when they passed the meridian, the mount tried to go upside down at each try. I've got this problem on several nights until i decided to investigate and found that the Use Horizon Check feature was causing the behavior . This feature was checked during the last winter without any problem but the problem appeared after daylight saving change. I'm running AP ASCOM version 4.1.25 and helper2.dll is installed.

Maybe it's related or not with this thread bot i prefer to let you know...just in case.


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I have looked at the code and can't see anything that would cause
this. The code is common to all the drivers that I write and so far
no issues have been reported. Here is the code. If someone can spot
the error I am will certainly fix it:

'Get the longitude from the AP and convert it to degress
SiteLongitude = -m_Util.DMSToDegrees(CommandString("Gg"))

' Convert from AP 0-359 westward to ASCOM format +/- 180 +E
If SiteLongitude < -180# Then SiteLongitude = SiteLongitude + 360#

This is the entire AP documentation on the topic (leaves quite a bit
to be desired - as you can see is is VERY open to interpretation:

Command: :Gg#
Response: +DDD*MM# or +DDD*MM:SS# if long format
Gets the current longitude.

It would be helpful if you could send me a serial trace of what the
AP is reporting back when you query the longitude when east (I can't
get to my AP right now because it is in a dome and it is pouring rain
here - can't open the dome to get in - remote computer shut itself
down - sigh).

Please ensure that you have the updated helper2.dll installed from
the ASCOM site. This is required as the old version had a bug in it.


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> FYI: Ajai is investigating the issue and will report ASAP.
> Regards,
> Chuck Faranda
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> >> I am running the latest driver for AP GTO mounts (4.1.25)
> >> under ASCOM 4. My mount is a Mach1.
> >> The reported site information is incorrect: after a Get
> >> Lat/Long is done, I get a correct value for Latitude, but
> >> Longitude is wrong:
> >> it reports
> >> E 4 10.00
> >> instead of
> >> E 5 50.00
> >> I checked the AP keypad: it's OK there.
> >> So I suspect a wrong conversion... possibly for all of us
> >> sitting E of Greenwich...

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