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Wiggins, Rick

Hi Ray,
I just want to second all your points. USB is very convenient, but
Ethernet is much more robust. I also find that serial is very robust.

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Hi John,

There are many examples of USB unreliability if you search the net
(as with
almost any other hardware interface). I've personally seen USB
errors happen
hundreds of times in my day job. And they *absolutely* do happen
to USB
storage systems. I think for storage systems to be reliable the
firmware/software app needs to confirm the writes and repeat if

In any case I think USB is a bad choice for telescopes/cameras in
Ethernet is far more robust and works on every system available
having to create a driver. Also, USB plugs can come out too
easily. Ethernet
connectors have a more reliable plug, and even if it does get
won't bring your mount link down if you use a connectionless
protocol (i.e., UDP).


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Hmm, I'm not sure I'd agree - my day job is developing USB based
storage systems and if it's good enough for reliably
transferring tens
of megabytes of data per second, it can probably cope with a few

Presumably he's aware of the (lack of) robust error checking on
RS232 serial line?
The single parity bit on RS232 isn't very reliable - the USB
are CRC32 protected.
I think the AP mount uses 8-N-1, so there's not even parity
being performed on the RS232 comms currently.


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another suggestion is to abandon serial ports entirely,
as has the pc
industry across the board largely, and just adopt USB or
USB2.0 etc.
USB is not robust, according to our software engineer. It
can result in
dropped bits that can cause problems.


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