Re: Newbie at autoguiding, what's happening?

Ben Ritchie <>

I *think* it should be fixable by modifying the ST7-RC adapter to swap
X- and Y- (in fact, the adapter may be the cause of the problem).
Yes, good point. I forgot about the ST7-RC adapter.

Sorry, i'll stop cluttering up the list with SBIG-speak!
No problem with me since we all use one of the two to three programs
out there for image acquisition. Also, seeing such problems is
educational for all of us. Case in point is your experience right now
and which is something I have never encountered personally or in any
of the groups I follow.

I've just taken the ST7-RC to pieces (hope I can get it back together
again ;) and i'm fairly sure X+ and Y+ are swapped in the adapter.
Looking at SBIG's wiring diagram, pin 3 of the 9-pin plug (X+) is
connected to pin 2 of the RJ11 socket (Y+), so when the camera issues
an X+ slew it's going to go to Y+ on the mount - and vice versa (pin 4
-> pin 1). I'll check with SBIG before rewiring it, but I think that's
it. Chalk up another one to the list of "weird things that can go
wrong while imaging".

At least it's the cheapest bit to replace ;)


P.S. in an attempt to keep this slightly on-topic, i'd just like to
say that my 1200GTO is undoubtedly the best Astronomy purchase I ever
made. It's just an absolute pleasure to use... :)

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