Re: Newbie at autoguiding, what's happening?


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I am also a dedicated CCDSoft user and I have NEVER seen such
behaviour. I am almost convinced it is the camera.

As an aside, a better means to assess how parallel the camera is with
the axes of the mount is to look at the calibration result tab which
gives a very nice graphic of the +X, -X, +Y and -Y movements and the
associated calibrated results/values for each second of pulse.
Hi Anthony
Hi Ben,

The calibration graphic is clearly wrong.
My comment in relation to the graphic was in response to your comment
that you use the slews with the hand controller to see how close you
are to having the two sets of axes (camera and mount) parallel. A
really neat way is to look at the graphic following a calibration and
which will show you precisely how well they match.

Sadly I can't attach a
screen grab on these forums (I think?) but the values I get (pixels/s
and angle) are

X+ 9.2436 1.8809
X- 6.8117 91.0365
Y+ 6.8739 271.3662
Y- 9.2714 181.4919
The good thing about these numbers is that they show a very good
calibration (ignoring the problem of the mixed up X+/Y- and X-/Y+).

so X+ and Y- are pretty much perfectly matched, as are X- and Y+. The
graph looks almost perfect ... until you realise that the labels are
Yes, I agree.

I *think* it should be fixable by modifying the ST7-RC adapter to swap
X- and Y- (in fact, the adapter may be the cause of the problem).
Yes, good point. I forgot about the ST7-RC adapter.

Sorry, i'll stop cluttering up the list with SBIG-speak!
No problem with me since we all use one of the two to three programs
out there for image acquisition. Also, seeing such problems is
educational for all of us. Case in point is your experience right now
and which is something I have never encountered personally or in any
of the groups I follow.



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