Re: latitude settings

Colt Bednorz <colt@...>

I always level things before setting up.
This is my personal preference and habit.
I'm in the 32 degree and change area
I had a MI-250 prior to the AP1200. The bore hole thing in the 1200
is just neat as can be. I haven't gotten to run the 1200 through
the paces yet due to the weather, but I'll take this opportunity
to say that this is the finest piece of equipment I've ever owned.
Everything about it is just first class.
This is a mount that everyone should own- no matter what.
Colt Bednorz

Chuck Hancock wrote:

That would be nice indeed. But what if your tripod was on uneven
Or what if you decide to set up in the back yard rather than the

By the way, what is your latitude exactly?

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