Re: Pempro A-P Special Edition-active when shipped?

Roland Christen

In a message dated 12/11/2007 11:01:59 PM Central Standard Time,
alanv12952@... writes:

OK, this may be why I see the large jumps when guiding. I'll turn it on and
see if they
still happen.
Whether you have PEM on or off should not make any difference when guiding as
far as large jumps. If you are seeing large jumps when guiding, then you have
something totally wrong with your overall setup. You must determine which
axis is doing this large jumping. Then you must find out the source for these
large jumps, and for that you will need to understand how the guiding loop works.
Start with the basics (check parameter numbers to see if they are correct
after doing a calibration. Then check your min/max settings to see if they are
reasonable. Record your guide corrections in both axes (the guide graph in Maxim
on your laptop screen is invaluable data for figuring out what is happening).
Then we can go from there. Again, PEM or no PEM will have NO effect on
guiding anomalies. You have something wrong with your guiding loop.


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