Re: having guiding problems

Dean S

I'm also having some guiding issues with my new 1200.

I'm using an STV with guide scope at 350mm. I have been using either Auto
tracking, or if the guide star is dim, I use manual with longer exposures,
3-5 secs. I have tried the Aggressiveness settings at .5 to 1.

I calibrate the STV using the Auto mode with the mounts guiding spped at .5

My problem is over correcting, mainly in the RA. So far, 2 nights only, I
have had much better results going unguided 4 minute exposures with PEM on.

Someone suggested I try using the mount at 1x guide speed but this seems
opposite of what I want.

Can someone offer some suggestions on what to try? I honestly have never
used the STV in much more than Auto in the past and really have always
battled this to some degree and blamed it on the mount. I know that is not
the case now :)


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for those autoguiding through a narrowband filter with an SBIG camera,
good PEC is critical. It will allow you to increase the autoguider
time to get a guide star through the narrowband filter.
Yes, that is true indeed.


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