Re: Pempro A-P Special Edition-active when shipped?

Alan Voetsch <alanv12952@...>

--- chris1011@... wrote:

The manual says that the error curve from the factory testing procedures is
loaded into the the servo system. Is this active upon arrival, or not?
No, it is in memory, just as if you had placed your own curve into the memory
(PEM = Periodic Error Memory). Use the keypad to turn it on or off. You can
also use PEMPro to turn it on. In the keypad, PEM is located under Tools in the
Main Memory. Just follow the instructions on the PEM screen.
OK, this may be why I see the large jumps when guiding. I'll turn it on and see if they
still happen. I just went out and checked and I had turned it on 'play' last time out. I
saw the same type of errors then, as before.

I will observe my guide corrections and then try a PEM run (if needed) to see if it
helps. I just need to beat the incoming weather.



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