Re: next mount

uthin8er <lleege@...>

The 900 is very capable of handling the C11. If portability is a must,
the 900 pulls double duty. I haul mine everywhere I go. I have several
scopes I use on the mount including a 12"LXR with an 80mm guide scope.
Also a 160mm TEC and 130EDF on a DSBS. The mount doesn't even break a
sweat. If you have the luxury of a permanent set up the close cost of
the 1200 make it a better choice.

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Hi everyone,
I am looking to upgrae my current Celestron CGE mount to a new or
used AP mount. I currently use a CF C11 along with assorted
accessories so the weight is close to 50#'s but no more.
What AP mount would fit the bill?

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