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Thank you for the guidance. I will attempt to view the ST-4 calibration at next

Another question: should i run a 'PEM' routine before the above? I have not yet done so.


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You MUST calibrate at 1x, otherwise you may not get good cal numbers. With
the ST4 guider, you are working basically blind, so it won't be easy for you to
figure out what is going on. You might want to place an eyepiece into your
telescope while the ST4 is guiding, so you can see what is really happening,
instead of relying on the numbers on the guider screen. Otherwise you will be
forever groping in the dark, not knowing cause and effect.

Calibration at 1x is needed to get the proper amount of movement on the guide
chip. Just make sure that the cal time is long enough to get 50 or so pixel
movement, but not too long to run the star off the chip. You can then adjust
the guide speed to 1x, .5x or .25x if you wish to slow down the movement,
however .25x is almost never needed unless you have settings that are somehow

While the ST4 is calibrating, LOOK through your eyepiece so you can
understand what is happening. Again, if you don't do this at least once with your
setup, then you will be forever wondering what is happening. If you do use an
eyepiece, and things don't look right, then at least you can explain to all of us
what you are seeing. Right now you can only say that something is not working
right, so that leaves all of us to guess. Take the guesswork out of the
equation and LOOK! (that advise is for anyone who has any guiding issues with their
equipment, no matter what equipment you are using).


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