Re: [OFF-LIST ap_gto] having guiding problems

Joe Mize

We get a lot of DSLR and CCD posts, but there still are some who shoot film. Actually, it
averages out to be about as busy as this list.

That's the reason I left APML. I still occasonally visit to read online or do some research.

I've asked that one before and the previous answer was that ST-4s aren't like that,
201XTs OTOH....

Well, all I can say is I always used at least 20-30 position change when calibrating. It's been awhile though.

DON'T. What I'm hearing on the AP group is that A-P is now applying
individual mount PEC's to each mount before they leave the AP Labs. All you
need to do is turn it on.
Tell me more, I assumed that was always on. If not, where is it located so I can turn it

Dunno if it's shipped with customized PEC 'On' or 'Off'. Tough one from memory without the Handcontroller in my hand. Look in
the Settings section on the Handcontroller, it's a '1' or '0' switch, '1' being on. Fast way, look in your documentation for the
Menu tree for a faster way of finding the rout to the switch.

Right now, I seem to have the ST-4 working well. I calibrated with 1x and guiding with the same.

Great!!! Sorry I didn't check back later last night or I could have had the answer for you while you were running the mount. I
was Beta Hardware Testing Feather Touch's Temperature Probe for their Digita Micro Focuser. Almost got all worked out, the
Temperature Compensation moves are falling within 2-3 focuser positions of the following focusing cycle.

Hey do I remember correctly, do you have an AP155 now or is that someone else? Are you still Knife Edge focusing or are you
using an automated focusing routine like FocusMax?

If so, do you have the Feather Touch focuser knobs with the coarse and fine knobs? The FT Digital Micro Focuser is a "dream".
3micron steps, Very repeatable and strong. The focuser knob tensioner is completely loose yet the motor holds my STL11K and
field flattener without any trouble...joe :)



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