Re: having guiding problems

Alan Voetsch <alanv12952@...>

Hey Joe,

--- Joe Mize <jmize@...> wrote:
Alan, APML must be Snooz Time. It sure was fun during the film era.
We get a lot of DSLR and CCD posts, but there still are some who shoot film. Actually, it
averages out to be about as busy as this list.

I usually use '5' but something went wrong last night so I went with '3' to
save time. I
will go back to 5.
Whatever gets you the largest move across the ST-4 chip without running off
the chip will generate 'more accurate' Cal numbers.
I've asked that one before and the previous answer was that ST-4s aren't like that,
201XTs OTOH....

DON'T. What I'm hearing on the AP group is that A-P is now applying
individual mount PEC's to each mount before they leave the AP Labs. All you
need to do is turn it on.
Tell me more, I assumed that was always on. If not, where is it located so I can turn it

Right now, I seem to have the ST-4 working well. I calibrated with 1x and guiding with
the same.



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