Re: having guiding problems

Joe Mize

There's still a few of us left on APML, not many though. I think the total
number is...7.
Alan, APML must be Snooz Time. It sure was fun during the film era.
Looks like you're heading in the right direction, check your AP
documentation and use
the recomnded Guide speed settings, 1x. I
also was stuck in the 0.5x mode until Roland said to use 1x for guiding.
It works.

OK. So, I should use 1x to calibrate AND guide. That's one I haven't tried,
maybe I
out-smarted myself, not the first time. ;-)
Yes! The numbers generated in Calibration are used to Guide. If you Cal at
1x and Guide at 0.5x then you'll have trouble Correcting, and visa versa.
The Cal numbers say you will move x pixels per second at 1x speed, if you
use 0.5x speed then you'll be undercorrecting big time.
Your ST-4 settings sound pretty good to me except for the Cal Time. But
dependant upon your optics so try to get the
highest Cal Time without running the star off the chip in either
direction. You may
find one axis requires a longer drive time
than the other. Good Luck...joe :)
I usually use '5' but something went wrong last night so I went with '3' to
save time. I
will go back to 5.
Whatever gets you the largest move across the ST-4 chip without running off
the chip will generate 'more accurate' Cal numbers.

Looks like I can also do a PEM run, that may help with the guiding spikes.
DON'T. What I'm hearing on the AP group is that A-P is now applying
individual mount PEC's to each mount before they leave the AP Labs. All you
need to do is turn it on.
You can use the AP-PemPro to run a series of worm cycles to see what your PE
is 'without' PEC being on. Then run another series 'with' PEC turned on and
see the difference. People are reporting the advertised <4arc.sec without
PEC and some are reporting ~2arc.sec with PEC turned on.
I'd highly advise you purchasing the full version of PemPro so you can
Refine the already loaded PEC even further. I have mine down in the
0.1arc.sec Peak to Peak. You cannot Refine the PEC with the AP-PemPro
version. On 'very' stable nights I can image 5mins without guiding, at
other times I'm fighting air turbulence.
If you do buy PemPro I suggest you make 10 complete cycles of the worm.
PemPro says you 'can' get a good result with as little as 6 worm cycles. I
use 10 cycles to get the best possible curve. Something for you to do
during the Full Moon cycle.
You're going to Love your AP1200...joe :)

Thanks Joe,


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