Re: having guiding problems

Alan Voetsch <alanv12952@...>

Hey Joe,

--- "jmize@..." <jmize@...> wrote:
Alan, you are an ol' warhorse, still using an ST-4 and film!!! Talk about being a
rarity, I wonder how many out there are still
film based.
There's still a few of us left on APML, not many though. I think the total number is...7.

Looks like you're heading in the right direction, check your AP documentation and use
the recomnded Guide speed settings, 1x. I
also was stuck in the 0.5x mode until Roland said to use 1x for guiding. It works.
OK. So, I should use 1x to calibrate AND guide. That's one I haven't tried, maybe I
out-smarted myself, not the first time. ;-)

Your ST-4 settings sound pretty good to me except for the Cal Time. But that's
dependant upon your optics so try to get the
highest Cal Time without running the star off the chip in either direction. You may
find one axis requires a longer drive time
than the other. Good Luck...joe :)
I usually use '5' but something went wrong last night so I went with '3' to save time. I
will go back to 5.

Looks like I can also do a PEM run, that may help with the guiding spikes.

Thanks Joe,


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