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Check out Pelican's web page at:

The list it at 20 pounds (9kg) with foam.


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Yes and no. First off, the case does not weigh 42 pounds. Maybe 20
Please see ...
I wonder if he accidentally reversed the digits.

pounds but it could be less. Last time I flew with the Mach1, the case
weighted in at 55 pounds. I took out the counterweight shaft, the
Dove15 plate and the keypad and placed them into my clothing luggage
bag. The 1560 weighed just under 49 pounds and everyone was happy.
Okay, this is good to know since I am looking to go to Russia next
summer with my Mach1GTO and Tak FSQ for the eclipse.

Check the files section for the pictures I put up almost a year ago (
Mach1GTO Pelican 1560 case ).
Will do.




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Larry et al,

The Pelican 1560 case weighs 42 lbs without the foam. I was
if the total weight (with foam and Mach1GTO) would exceed the limits
imposed by airlines?

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