Re: Mach1GTO Travel Cases


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I store/carry my Mach1 in a Pelican 1610, which is a really good fit.
There is enough room for the mount, fully assembled, as well as the
declination shaft and the knobs that bind the mount to the tripod.

The trick is to rotate the RA shaft so the saddle is next to the
Altitude adjustment knob on the base of the mount. This is an
unintuitive position for the mount but makes it very compact for

I used to have a 1560 case and I suspect it would be too small but I
don't know for sure.

See the files section under Mach1GTO Pelican 1560 case. IIRC the 1440s
file shows the case open with the mount inside fully intact. The
altitude has been adjusted to about 35 or 40 degrees and the RA knobs
have been loosened so that the Dec portion can rotate into the
position shown. Everything fits nicely. The foam is extremely rigid
open cell shipping foam. The Berleback tripod with ADATRI attached,
counterweights and electronic battery charger travel inside in a foam
spaced hard shell golf case. Last year I took a Traveler to Hawaii as
carry-on. This year I am working on taking an AP130, partially
disassembled with me.


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