AP Wooden Tripod Spreader


Oops, I forgot to post to this group.
Arrangements for another run of the tripod spreader originally
sold by Richard Lapides has been made. Many people missed out on them
in the past and have been kicking themselves ever since.
Just in case this doesn't happen again you might want to get on
board for one so you don't miss out this time.
All I know is that the price will be in the $500 range and the
timing is not known with any certainty. It will be as soon as it can
get done while still giving people a fair opportunity to find out
about this project. It would be a shame to miss out again due to not
knowing about it.
We needed 10 orders to get the machine shop to agree to do this.
In less than two days we have well over that number so production
will definitely take place.
If you are interested in obtaining one please contact me at...

mrgrytt at ix dot netcom dot com

How long we can allow people to get on the list will most likely
depend on when the materials are ordered and when production will take
place. It will be as soon as possible.


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