Re: Mach1GTO Travel Cases


Larry et al,

The Pelican 1560 case weighs 42 lbs without the foam. I was wondering
if the total weight (with foam and Mach1GTO) would exceed the limits
imposed by airlines?


--- In ap-gto@..., "Larry Phillips" <llp41astro@...> wrote:

Good info. I wondered how well the Mach1 would fit in a 1560 case
without separating the two halves.


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I have added three photos to the files section (Mach1GTO Travel
Cases) that show a solution to transporting my Mach1GTO to
sites and back to the house for storage. I don't need to ship the
mount so that isn't a consideration. I do need to lift everything
into the back of my vehicle. I can lift 50#, but find nowadays
75# in a larger case is a bit much, so opted for two cases. Other
considerations were:

1) Everything asociated with the mount (except the power supply)
to fit in the two cases.
2) The case for the mount had to hold it ready to go with the
in the Park 2 position.
3) The main case had to have wheels and be able to roll the two
with one hand.

I saved the foam supplied with the 1560 case and if I ever need to
ship the mount, then I could set it up as shown in the other file,
Mach1GTO - Pelican 1560, which provides more padding, but the mount
must be "folded up".

Best regards,

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