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Dean Salman <cluster@...>

Sorry it is a 1200. I do see a better way to connect it under the
polar housing but the cable is not long enough to do that. I am
going to see if I can cap those somehow.

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Well it happened, the impossible. The DEC cable got caught under
big knob used to attached the DEC housing to the RA housing
during a
park. The cable works but I don't trust it anymore because the
end was
damaged. If it was a longer cable, I think it would be possible
route it under or next to the polar shaft and come out in the
front. I
might look for some tubing today to place around the cable so
that is
larger. Round caps like that put on eyepieces (the soft black
ones) might also help

Any other ideas?

It might help if you told us which mount it is. If it is the 1200
there has been PLENTY of discussion in the past about cable routing
and methods of avoiding this including caps on the knobs and cable
shields. There may also be info in the tech section of the AP
web-pages. There are replacement lock-down set-screws available from
AP. If it was the 900 or Mach1 I don't know. I have never had it
happen and as far as I can tell, on these mounts it would be
but almost impossible to have happen.

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