A Thank You To Howard At AP

mizzou156 <mizzou156@...>

I am new to astronomy and nobody knows this better than Howard. Having the AP 900
and 1200 mounts has been a real pleasure, but what really impressed me was the great
service and advice that Howard has provided. His patience and technical expertise is a real
asset to the AP outfit.
As a novice to this hobby and being self taught, it is great to find a well engineered
product that is made in the USA and has people like Howard to back it up. A lot of the
vendors that I have run across are more concerned with the sale and not the service. The
people at AP have been the exception to that.
Having made my first attempt at astrophotography was a rewarding experience and really
showed how well made the AP 1200 mount was. Unguided exposures were phenomenal,
and I hope to eventually reach the level of expertise that many AP users have achieved.
Through all the "stupid questions" that Howard had to endure from a beginner, there
never was an air of condescension. So at this time of the year, I want to wish the folks at AP
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.......ATTA BOY, Howard!.......Jerald Granger

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