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Ray Gralak <rgr@...>

Hi Joe,

Try reinstalling the ASCOM 4.1 platform again. Do NOT install the 5.x beta
(it is still a beta). Then update the astro-physics driver and just
helper.dll. Update whichever driver PEMPRo asks about first (probably
Helper.dll). When that works go onto the next dll. Do not do anything more
than what is asked.


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First, my apologies for probably being off topic ...

I had PEMpro AP SE v1.7 working with my 900GTO a year ago. I now need
to redo my PEC and want to use PEMpro V2 with my DMK31 'video camera'.
So I grab a trial version, have problems, read the web, grab beta
build 33 and seen to get the camera working with PEMpro on my desktop.
OK so far so good. Then I install the beta on my laptop and head out
to the observatory tonight (the first clear night in weeks) and
encounter problems galore. I'm getting all sorts of error messages
like need helper.dll V5.0.x or higher. So, I go to the ASCOM website
see the beta version 5, download and install it. I also grab the
separate helper.dll v5.x.y just in case.

Short version of the story from this point forward is that the ASCOM
software does not seem to be able to work with the AstroPhysics
driver. I get an 'AP Driver runtime error 91: Object Variable or With
block variable not set'.

I have also seen along the way errors like:
'PEMpro error opening ASCOM setup dialog. cannot create ActiveX
'PEMpro error opening ASCOM setup dialog. Application defined or
Object defined error', and
'ASCOM Chooser failed to load driver. Class does not support
Automation or does not support expected interface.'

And after uninstalling and reinstalling just about everything, I can't
even get PEMpro AP SE to work again (reliably). I'm obviously omitting
a lot of the details here in the hope that someone will have seen this
before and can just set me straight. I'm using XP with all of the
latest service packs and patches including all the flavors of .NET. I
have also tried build 36 of PEMpro V2. I suspect I have my versions
crossed in some fatal way.

This ASCOM stuff is great in principle, but it sure seems like a house
of cards in a wind storm.

Can someone help or at least direct me to the proper place to inquire

TIA, Joe

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