Re: Awesome Mount


Call me weird - but I get a bit of a buzz every time I take my 900 out for the night.

I love good and fine machinery and equipment and this certainly falls into that category.

I second the motion of thanks.


astrokattner <kattnerk@...> wrote: Well just so you know,

I took my AP900 out to the Texas Hill Country over Thanksgiving, got
it set up with my c9.25, camera, rotator, aol unit, and filter wheel
(lots of weight). I decided to see how well that mount tracks, so I
ran PEMPRO while I cooked some good german sausage on the grill. And
guess what? +/- 1 arcsec without PEC. I didn't believe it and ran
it two more times and made sure I was looking at the correct axis.
Still +/- 1 arcsec. Although the moon was almost full, it was a
magical night imaging M1 with an AWESOME mount.

Thanks AP.

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> > ("Fried mount" is ~probably~ not quite the appropriate topic
name, but does
> > get our attention.)
> >
> Right, and it gives aid and comfort to competitors who must be
chuckling over
> the dozens and dozens of posts with this heading. You know,
sometimes a quick
> e-mail to the AP guys like Howard (copy to me) can solve many
problems much
> faster than wading through the numerous theories that come up on
> Then, when everything is fixed and working right, you can post a
results on the
> newsgroup to alert others as to potential problem, the symptoms,
how to fix
> it, etc.
> Rolando
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