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Chuck --

It's odd that you and Anthony should have the same problem at the same
time, but yeah, at this point I'd be looking at the Y-cable. If one of
the encoder wires is broken inside the sheathing, or just has a cold
solder joint, then it could make intermittent contact. I assume your
run-aways are always on the same axis (RA)? (If you're getting them on
both axes then it's much less likely to be the Y-cable.)

-- Jeff.


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...then again, maybe not. Turned the mount back on after blow
it and it behaved normally - but, after an hour or so, the mount
started to chatter then run away in RA, it stopped and I got the
"motor stall" message (and power light turns yellow). Doesn't
seem to
be the Y-cable. Both RA and DEC are moving when it behaves. I've
checked the voltage coming from the power supply and it is dead
(13.8vdc). Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.


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> Richard,
> I think you hit it on the head. After using a blow drier off
and on
> this morning, it seems to be working fine again. I think I'll
> storing it indoors from now on. I've been keeping my setup
> under one of the TeleGizmo 365 covers - I read recently where
> covers are great at storing condensation - that might be the
> Chuck
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> >
> > Chuck,
> >
> > I had the same problem, random uncontrolled slews,
> > after my CP3 servo and/or its connectors got wet.
> > After drying everything out with a hair dryer everything
> > went back to normal for about an hour. So I gave up
> > and sent the CP3 and the Y cable back to AP. Wally
> > could not find anything wrong and sent it back to me.
> > It now works perfectly. My guess is that by the time
> > it got back to AP that everything had thoroughly
> > dried out. I now tape a piece of plastic sheeting over
> > the CP3 to prevent excessive dew or an
> > unexpected rain shower from getting it wet.
> >
> > I also invested in a spare Y cable, spare power cable
> > and a spare CP3 servo. Since I travel to a dark site and
> > stay for 3 to 6 nights, it is worth the extra money to
> > ensure that I do not have to cut my photon collection
> > time short.
> >
> > Richard
> >
> >
> >
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> >
> > I've had a 900GTO for nearly two years. It has performed
> > and brilliantly for the entire time. Until this weekend. On
> > up, after keying in the location, the mount runs away in
Dec. I can
> > get it to stop by fiddling with the Dec movement keys on the
> > but then, when I try to resume from park, it's off again.
> > Occasionally on start-up, I get an error message on the
keypad saying
> > "Motor Stall". Occasionally, I can get thing to partially
behave and
> > when I try to move the mount in RA, it behaves as if it is
> > moving randomly. I assume, since both the Dec and RA motors
move that
> > the problem is in the controller. Any way I can definitively
> > this? Any suggestions on what is going on? Help!
> >
> > Chuck
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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