Re: Fried Mount

Roland Christen

In a message dated 11/26/2007 1:43:12 PM Central Standard Time,
cheber@... writes:

...then again, maybe not. Turned the mount back on after blow drying
it and it behaved normally - but, after an hour or so, the mount
started to chatter then run away in RA, it stopped and I got the
"motor stall" message (and power light turns yellow). Doesn't seem to
be the Y-cable.
Why would you say that it does not seem to be the Y cable? Have you actually
checked the connections on the pins? If the motor encoder signals do not get
to the servo, it will slew uncontrollably for 2 seconds and shut down with
Motor Stall message on the keypad and light turning yellow. All this is explained
in the manual in great detail. Check the pins to see where the break in the
cable might be. Somewhere along the line the servo is not getting the signal
from the motor encoder. Fiddling with the cable wires might get you a temporary
connection, and make it seem like the problem is fixed. Check the cable
connections - the wires on the pins (remove the connector covers to expose the pins).

Roland Christen

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