Re: DOVELM2 and Mach1

Howard Hedlund

Hello Pierre,

The DOVELM2 can be used on the Mach1GTO without any additional adapter,
even when using the center knob position. The knob is not quite as
convenient in that position, but it does clear the hub of the dec axis
and is quite functional. Likewise, the DOVELM16S does not require any
adapter for use with the Mach1GTO. We don't recommend using the
DOVELM16 because the larger knobs have some clearance issues.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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I hae no feedback yet for the DOVELM2 but have now the same question
for the DOVELM16/DOVELM16S as well: is an adapter required (such as for
the DOVE08) to raise the dovetail on a Mach1 ?

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the DOVELM2 allows both the DUP and DUPS plates to be used: a central
hole is present on the knobs side for the smaller plates (DUPS).
Question: can the DOVELM2 be used on a Mach1 in this configuration
using the middle hole) ? Or is an adpter required (such as for the
DOVE08) to raise the dovetail ?

Best regards,

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