Re: The Sky6 and recalibrate

Alan Voetsch <alanv12952@...>

--- chris1011@... wrote:
The mount already knows where it is pointing. The Sync command is NOT the way
to go here. No command is really needed at all, unless you want to re-center
the object in the field, in which case you would use Rcal. DO NOT USE SYNC
after rotating your camera!!!! Do NOT use Sync except at initial startup when
power is first applied and you have done a complete new setup from scratch. If
you have a permanent observatory setup, SYNC is never needed, ever!! Even after
startup! Do you understand why?
1. The mount holds all pertinent info in memory
2. Wrongful use can damage equipment.
3. Even though this subject is covered in the manual, many folks are still confused
between the 2 and you are tired of discussing this and IIRC, the sync command may be
removed from the mount's vocabulary soon so as to avoid this cornfusion.

OK, but to be honest here (and please take no offense), the manual seems to give these
different commands pretty equal treatment as far as trying to explain their function. A
read-thru doesn't seem to state as strongly what you've stated here. If sync is barely
(or not at all) needed maybe the manual's wording can be touched up to show this.



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