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It has been stated several times (even in the manual) that a 'recalibrate' is the one to
use and 'sync' needs to be used very little. If my understanding is correct, sync is used
(usually) only on the first star you goto.

I use an OAG, therefore I sometimes rotate the OAG body when acquiring a new guidestar.
Again, if my understanding is correct, after that rotation would also be a good time to
use the sync command. Provided of course, the OTA is not pointing near the meridian or


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Ok, sounds cool. Should I still use it even if I use Maxim DL to
center the image after I goto the object. I have been using Sync
after I do that. I don't really use the keypad but it is attached
anyway. Does how the keypad setup determine the moving of the scope
or is that all Sky control.
I will say once again, if you use Sync, you will redefine the telescope/mount
orientation each time. If you happen to cross the meridian after your
centering move and the telescope is now on the wrong side of the mount, a Sync will
redefine the telescope to always be underneath the mount. Your next GoTo move
will definitely place the telescope under the mount, rather than on the proper
side on top of the mount. You will think that the mount is lost, but indeed it
is not lost. You have simply chosen, through your Sync command, to place all
further motions with the counterweights up in the air and the scope underneath
the mount. This would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that the
pier is usually in the way, and your scope will slam into it. So, why not use
Rcal instead of Sync? Rcal will not redefine your telescope orientation if you
should happen to go beyond the meridian. It will allow for a normal meridian
swap as you would expext. Does this not make sense?

This Sync and Rcal question will probably come up again and again, so I ask
all of you to place the above somewhere handy so whenever it comes up, the
explanation can be quickly posted. I will try to answer these kind of questions
until my dying breath, but after that, it is up to you guys ;>)


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