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Dean S

Hi Kent,

Thanks for the reply.

I have found for me the best USB/serial adapters are the ones that came with my Robo Focus, at least I can get them to work when I couldn't get others such as Belkin to work. I'll pick up a standard cable then of what ever length I need.

I do like the new PemPro V2 polar alignment tool. But like you, I have found that when tracking, with my STV, I didn't really need PEC anyways on my previous mount, a MI-250.

I already have the Rotating pier adpater, and flat surface adapter mounted on my permanant pier, just need a mount now :) Also have the polar scope for when I go to star parties, WSP being the first with this mount. I will also have a pier by then, just have to decide on height. Howard may make me one at 36" as that is what I have been using and like that height.

As for optical tubes, have a C9.25, Epsilon 160, FS60C and using a SXV-H9 camera. Guide with STV. Seems like I will now have too much mount, maybe a nice 12.5" RC would work better ?? :)

Thanks for the suggestions and ideas.
Dean S ( the other Dean S:)

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Dean, see below:

I don't see in the manual the cable type I need to connect to my laptop, can
some please tell me which? or does it come with the mount?
It does not come with the mount.
It is a standard DB9 serial straight thru cable, male one end, female the
Pick whatever length you need.

If your laptop has serial ports you're in business.
If not, only USB's, you're going to need a Serial to USB converter-adapter.
There are many on the market, some work and some don't and that's often d
ependent on your laptop.

And do I need CCDSoft for anything? I don't have it, just MaxImDL.
Some use CCDSoft others Maxim DL, if you have friend's imaging you might ask
what they are using because you can get advise and help when you need it.

I do have the Sky6 (.57 now :) but have not used it yet for telescope
control. Still need to learn plate solving too.

I have ASCOM loaded, along with the AP drivers.

I have PemPro V2 although the mount now comes with its own version I see.
Unless you want to refine tracking you might not need PemPro.
I have it but haven't used it......guiding does the trick.

I probably want the hand controller extension cable to run it into my warm
room until I get comfortable with the running it from the computer. I think
this is only avail from AP?
Yes, but you might want to get to know the mount with the standard cable.

Anything else I should have to get started?
Pier? Pier adapter? Counterweights? Saddle? Polar Alignment scope? (if you
have a permanent location you probably don't need a PAS)

How about optical tube or imaging instrument.....??? :)))
The AP mount is very nice but its more fun with something mounted on it.

Kent Kirkley

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