Re: Question on ascom driver

Dr. David Toth

At 12:24 AM 11/16/2007, astrokattner wrote:

Tell Daniel thanks very much. I downloaded the hot fix and did a very
quick test. I did a sync from the SKY on a star in the west with the
OTA on the east side of the pier. I then manually slewed to a star
on the west side and put the OTA on the west side of the pier (to
simulate having tracked past the meridian). I then issued a RECAL
command from the SKY by pressing the new RECAL button in the
telescope tab in the object info dialog box. I then picked another
star on the west side of the meridian using the SKY and issued a slew
command from the SKY. My AP900 dutifully flipped itself over to the
east side of the pier and did a goto to the star. It did not dive
under the mount like it could have if a SYNC command had been
previously issued in this configuration.

I will give it a real run through over the Thanksgiving holiday. And
many Thanks to you guys for such a quick hot fix (now, about that
Pyxis rotator support....
Well, like you I am just a user but I will mention your appreciation when next I speak with Daniel!
And I'd like a rotator solution that would work with my 7" f/7 and it's 4" focuser/field flattener hooked up to my STL-11000 ...


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