Question on ascom driver

Dr. David Toth

Forwarded from Dan Bisque ....
This should fix the RCAL/SYNC situation ...

Daniel also mentions how to get help in the future ....

Please note, this took only ONE message to get fixed ....


From: "Daniel R. Bisque" <daniel@...>
To: "David B. Toth" <ve3gyq@...>


I've posted a hot fix for TheSky6 that provides a "Recalibrate" button
for AP mounts as requested...(

Thanks for letting me know about this issue. Ken's explanation was a
great help. In the future, if there are issues with TheSky6 and AP
mounts, could someone from the AP group make a post to the Software
Bisque Support Corner? (That's where I have to spend my time answering

Thanks again.


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