Re: Question on ascom driver

Dr. David Toth

At 06:32 PM 11/14/2007, Joseph Zeglinski wrote:
Thanks Glenn,

That proves my point - who is going to blink first?

Since there is no agreed upon standard for choosing to issue a "Sync or a
Recal", then it makes sense for the AP firmware to change. Otherwise, Roland
is going to have to get together with the Bisques, and Ajai, and Ray,
(possibly Meade) etc. etc. and finally agree on some kind of mutual standard
for using one of these functions.

Is there that much animosity among software and hardware makers, that
this trivial problem can't be straightened out, once and for all - surely
money talks? Or, is it simply software turf protection?

What it sounds like is:
folks may not really understand the nature of the problem ...

If someone has an issue and can clearly outline what it is, I'll forward it to Dan Bisque ....

What I'd like to hear is Roland's take on this and what he thinks may be going on and what a solution would be ...

I know that Dan had worked with AP mount users on the initialization situation, and that appears to be fixed.


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