Desperately trying to access the mount from the PC



I am still getting familiar with my almost new (second-hand) AP900
mount. I love the hand controller a lot, find the menus so much easier
to use than my old mount. OK, here is the problem I am facing.

I have not been able to access the mount from the PC, however I have
tried. The mount is connected through to the PC with a 9-pin RS-232
cable. Neither the Sky nor Pulseguide is able to "see" the mount, and
have already tried all possible combinations (Sky driver, Tele Api and
ASCOM driver, or Pulseguide). I always get the same messages
("Astro-Physics GTO not responding. Please check communications port
settings, power and connections to the control system") and never
really establish the connection.

Of course the Hand Pad is set to "EXTernal Startup" and I always see
the message in the HP display when plugging the power source to the
GTO control panel. I have even dismounted the GTO panel from the mount
and tried it with only one short cable (just to be sure the main
cable is not damaged) but it won't work either that way.

What am I missing ????

Desperately yours,


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