Re: Question on ascom driver

Glenn Wallace <glenn@...>

I believe that Roland has answered this question at least 10 times
previously so perhaps a search of the archives is in order ?. The Sky
doesn't do an RCAL. They (Bisque)apparently know better than Roland and
doing a sync with the scope 1 arc second beyond a flip will result in
the scope trying to dive under the pier. Not recommended. The new driver
that Ray is working on will do the right thing and as long as the driver
is used everything will likely be fine. Using The Sky without the driver
will probably not. And asking Roland to fix the AP firmware to fix a
software problem from Bisque is not a good solution.

I asked Ajai Sehgal (the author of the driver) his answer for the current driver is:
"The Sync does a real sync not a recal."

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