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Joe Zeglinski

Maybe the answer to this whole issue is to change the AP firmware so that
"Sync = Recal", an to do an actual AP type Sync, you use a two button
sequence. Shouldn't be a problem, since Sync is "almost never" used on the AP.
This kind of change is better than waiting for the entire world of astronomy
software to catch up with AP firmware logi - there will always be somebody
writing new softwar, who will casually just do a SYNC.


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Alan --

I believe both of them do a "sync".

"Additional align" is slightly different as it's adding a data point to
a model. I don't believe either driver (ASCOM or The Sky) knows about
AP's "Rcal" function.

Note: I'm not sure about either answer. But folks are more likey to
correct a wrong answer than to offer one to start with -- so either way
you should get what you need. ;)

-- Jeff.


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Hi all,

I am newbie user of an AP1200GTO. When I am connected to the
mount via
the Ascom driver via The Sky telescope API, does the "sync" do
a "recal" or a "sync"? There was a question that I did not see
anser to, that was similar. Also with the native The Sky driver
it do a sync or a recal? I know with my previous mount, a G-11
Gemini, I could configure in the driver whether or not a sync
from The
Sky was a "sync" or "additional align"(recal), but I do not see
option with the AP driver.


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