The Awesome 1200


Hi, Folks, Addressing the paint chipping on the 1200, Under close
examination, i had noticed slight chipping on Roland's 1200 GTO at the
Astrofest party. This was in areas which a cap bolt tightened down on
the mount. (Just a couple of small areas, and was very minor) I'm
quite sure this was not the first time Roland used this mount. After
noticing this, i immediately asked Roland if touch-up paint would be
available to a customer, and he said "Yes it is". Possibly, and owner
could utilize thin nylon washers at these key areas to prevent cosmetic
damage. Something i will be looking at when i recieve mine. After
owning a Losmandy mount, i did grow tired of the all black anodizing.
Bang this up, and there is no real way to properly fix it. Iv'e tried
on a couple of areas with Aluma-Black from Gun Shops, and Black Magic
Marker, and it just doesn't look right. I prefer the paint finish
myself, as it will be easier to repair in case of a mishap. Mark

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