Re: Effect of temperature on backlash

Joe Zeglinski

How about using the +6v port? Plug in an audio cable and measure the voltage
at it's pigtail (or use an unwired audio jack and use it's tangs. I assume it
is tapped off the main 12V input, and might be representative of the cable
power coming in.


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Here's a 12 volt test point: On your GTOCPx control box; on the five
pin receptacle for the keypad's plug; number 2 is negative and number
4 is positive. The pin numbers are visible on the receptacle itself.
You may need to rig up some thinner lead probes, but I have even gotten
accurate enough readings with two paper clips inserted into the

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

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I did measure the voltage and it was about 12.8 Volts under a slewing
But that reminds me of something else. I would find it very useful if
there were a 12 volt test point available on the mount so that the
mount voltage could be measured. I don't know of an easy way to measure
mount voltage on the mount side of the power connector. Measuring at
point is important because that power connector can sometimes fit
which adds resistance with the attending voltage drop.


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And voltage drop may be an issue for a long run. The only way to know
sure is to take a reading at the mount end.



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The following, winter when the temperature was about 5F, the
engagement of

the RA worm and worm wheel seemed to be much tighter; in fact I had
re-adjust the worm mesh so that the RA motor wouldn't make strange
while slewing.
I think you might have seen the effect of thickening of the grease, not



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