Re: TEC 140 + 14" LX200R on an AP1200

Gavin Bray

Thanks Bill and Jeff.

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Gavin --

I have a Losmandy dovetail attached to the top of my Parallax rings
holding a Meade 16" LX200GPS OTA. On the rail rides a Tak FC-100.

The FC-100 is a doublet, and considerably smaller than 140mm, so it
probably weighs about 1/2 what the TEC does. Then agian, the 16"
OTA is
about twice the weight of the 14", and leaves the Tak's weight on a
slightly longer moment arm.

Seems to work fine. The mirror flop is enough in the SCT that you
get both scopes to point to the same spot all over the sky, but the
refractors have a big enough field to mostly make up for that.

-- Jeff.


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I have a 14" LX200R attached to an AP1200 using a set of
Instruments rings. The setup is housed in my observatory and
happy with it.

I was wondering whether I could attach a dovetail plate to the
top of
the parallax rings (above the 14") and attach something like a
TEC 140
to that.

Is it feasible to mount something like a TEC 140 on top of the

Is there a better option I should be considering?


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