Re: GTO Keypad Firmware

Howard Hedlund

Hi Harold,

I'm not Marj, but I'm pretty familiar with the v.4.20 firmware project
and am personally beta testing the firmware. There are several nice
additions to the already impressive functionality and reliability of
v.4.12. Most notable are some new database catalogs. (Details on
some of these are still being hammered out.) In addition, v.4.20 will
allow a wider selection of mounts including the Mach1GTO and mounts from
Parallax and Mathis that use our GoTo system. The keypad will now be
able to poll the mount for the ROM chip version so you no longer have to
pull the cover off of your control box to check your chip. The "What's
up now?" function has been greatly improved allowing far better control
of the objects it selects. A bookmark function has been added that
allows you to program a night's worth of observing targets into a list,
or to keep a new found favorite handy for further examination. I used
this feature just last night with comet Holmes 17P, that I was showing
to trick-or-treaters. I only had to enter the RA and dec once, then I
bookmarked it, and all night long I could slew around to different
objects and always get back to the comet very quickly. All the ghouls
and goblins were really impressed!

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Any hints on what 4.2 will include?


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Hi Larry,

We are planning to finish up the 4.2 keypad code soon, then will
release it to the beta group. After beta, we will have it available
on our website for downloading.

Marj Christen

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Can anyone tell me if version 4.12 of the GTO Keypad firmware is
shipping with the current Mach1GTO mount or has there been an

I read somewhere that it is to be updated soon. If so, when will
Mach1GTO mounts have the updated firmware included when shipped?

Also, will the next update of the firmware require changes to the


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