Re: Mach1 critique in S&T Dec 2007

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Joseph Zeglinski wrote:

My point was, I expect "news people" to be on top of stories in their industry, that is what I PAY them for, or I would just subscribe to the internet. They should have been prep'd, with a story to go out with the issue. What ... they just sit there in their office and wait for this group, or what pops up at a conference?
Are you kidding ? I want to make certain that I get this right. You are saying that S&T needs to have full time reporters camped out at all manufacturers offices day and night bugging them for new info ? If that is the case then you don't understand how it works. The manufacturer notifies the magazine and then the magazine prints the information. Roland elected to make the announcement for the 3600 at AIC. And you expect that S&T somehow should have been able to deduce that something big (pun intended) was happening and report on it. Argh ........

Now if you want to whine about S&T's delaying in printing the article on the Mach1 then by all means flail away. But lambasting them for not knowing about the AP3600 seems ridiculous to me.

The Mach1 review took long enough, so I suppose S&T will report further on the AP3600 - "in the fullness of time ... next spring.

Sheesh indeed,
Indeed ! <lol>


Carry on Boys..............


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