Re: Mach1 critique in S&T Dec 2007

Joe Zeglinski


My point was, I expect "news people" to be on top of stories in their
industry, that is what I PAY them for, or I would just subscribe to the
internet. They should have been prep'd, with a story to go out with the issue.
What ... they just sit there in their office and wait for this group, or what
pops up at a conference? The Mach1 review took long enough, so I suppose S&T
will report further on the AP3600 - "in the fullness of time ... next spring.

Sheesh indeed,

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Joseph Zeglinski wrote:

Back to topic - I am surprised that S&T didn't scoop the astro
world with such a major announcement review (prepared in advanced) of the
AP3600 - somebody there, in the new management, asleep at the wheel - (they
probably aren't astro literate) ?
How could S&T make this announcement if they were not aware of it ?
Sheesh. There are plenty of things to flame them for so that we need not
resort to making things up.



William R. Mattil :

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