Re: TEC 140 + 14" LX200R on an AP1200

William R. Mattil <wrmattil@...>

Gavin Bray wrote:

I have a 14" LX200R attached to an AP1200 using a set of Parallax Instruments rings. The setup is housed in my observatory and I'm very happy with it.

I was wondering whether I could attach a dovetail plate to the top of the parallax rings (above the 14") and attach something like a TEC 140 to that.

Is it feasible to mount something like a TEC 140 on top of the 14"?
It is certainly feasible. Many others have done exactly that and it's doubtful that you'd be getting anywhere near the capacity of your AP1200.

Just don't be too surprised if you cannot guide the LX200R with the TEC140.

Is there a better option I should be considering?

I'm sure somebody will suggest a side by side mounting which is also feasible. But IMO it's harder to deal with.




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