portable pier height for 1200GTO

Dean S

Hi All,

While waiting for my new mount to get finished, I am thinking about the portable pier height. Currently mine is about 38" and the 1200 mount is 2" taller, so if I had a 36" tall AP pier it would be what I am comfortable with. My observatory pier is this height also.

I will use this at star parties, and don't want to get too low as passer bys inevitably get too close and seem to want to look down the scopes, or worse yet shine a light on it while I am imaging:) My OTA's are currently a C9.25, guide scope, and Epsilon 160, not sure if I ever will get a big refractor.

So this is why I am a bit concerned with the 32" pier. I do think the 42" is way too tall for my vertically challenged stature. Ap said they would consider making me a custom pier tube during their next run, but of course this also means changing the turn buckles too or else I would just cut one down myself.

Anyways, I like to hear some opinions and experiences with similar setups and your pier height considerations.


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