Wood Tripod Vs. Eagle Pier for Mach1GTO?


I'm trying to decide what is the best solution for portable imaging
with my upcoming Mach1GTO mount.

My primary imaging scope is an SV 130 F/6 refractor with STL11K. The
imaging train gets rather long with the large field flattener and STL
body, and I get more hits to the scope legs of my current Atlas mount
than I would like. I have an 8" pier extension for my mount which
helps a little but it's too wobbly. This got me thinking portable pier
to provide more "leg room", but in looking at the Eagle pictures it's
got legs too and is kinda short and I'm not convinced that it will be
much different in leg clearance than a tripod, in which case I'll look
at the wood tripod. Any thoughts on this subject from the group?

I do like the look of the wooden tripod. Are there any opinions on how
the AP wood tripod performs as an imaging base?

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