Re: Power Supply for Mach1GTo

Howard Hedlund

Hi all,

Just thought I'd chime in and clarify our voltage recommendations. The
electronics are designed to withstand voltage supplies up to 22-24 volts
as stated. However, that high a voltage will introduce enough gain
that the motors may chatter and suffer ill effects. Motor chatter tends
to begin at or slightly above 18 volts. That is why we don't recommend
going over 16 volts for normal operation (allowing a 2 volt "cushion").
We have found our 13.8 volt 5 amp supply (PS138V5A) to be ideal for most
all situations with the Mach1GTO and 900 series mounts - extreme cold
being the only exception. With the larger loads that 1200's are
moving, we prefer the heavier 15 volt 10 amp supply (PS15V10AC),
although the smaller supply will be fine in temperate regions and when
the mount is not loaded to the limit. For the new 3600GTO "el Capitan"
we recommend the larger 15 volt 10 amp unit.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Good question Larry, I am also using the Lacey 18 volt converter. But
what I have seen, Roland says 16 is recommended but really no problem
22-24 volts.

I suspect in cold weather our 18 volt is fine but maybe we need to lower
that during warmer weather?


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I am new to owning an AP mount and expect to have one soon. In
preparation for that, are there any recommendations for a DC power
supply that is appropriate for the Mach1? That is, 11.5 to 16 volts DC
filters and regulated with 110 V AC input? I have an 18 V power supply
now that I have been using with a Gemini system but this appears to be
too high a voltage.


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