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Rick Thurmond

Ever since Larry told me about that trick, I've done it in each of my
piers. It works great. The pier is totally dead after that.


On Oct 30, 2007, at 7:38 48AM, Dean S wrote:

My MI-250 portable pier has wood discs wedged tightly into each end
4") and this acts as dampeners and does a good job, without increasing


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Hi Don,

Filling the pier with sand doesn't dissipate any energy during the
cantelevered oscillation. The sand just goes back and forth with
the pier. The added mass lowers the frequency, which is the same
increasing the period (length of each oscilation). With no change
in damping, the sand filled pier will oscillate the same number of
cycles, which will take longer.

But don't you agree that the amplitude will be smaller when the mass
is increased? (for same impact)

Best regards,


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