Re: AP1200 on Permanent Pier sans Observatory

Joe Zeglinski


When you get all set up, you will end up with a harness of bundled cables,
wrapped up in split coil sleeves, or something. If you do remove the CP3, I
would put a small plastic bag (or Saranwrap), to seal the AP cable connector
ends (if they re part of a harness bundle) - otherwise, you could bring the AP
cables in as well. That just adds time at both ends, which defeats the purpose
of an observatory. Later, all you will need is to plug everything back in, if
it was unplugged. Anyway, you might have a "semi heated "observatory, (when
not in use), so moisture shouldn't be a problem. When you close down at dawn,
just "turn on the furnace". That will keep your "OTA optics" dry as well. Only
if you keep the observatory unheated, will you to take need moisture counter

As for the temperature rod heater ... it doesn't matter if a boat burns
down, there are lots of replacements.
OTA's are also plentiful. But, an AP mount takes time to remake ... like a
fine wine ... years in fact if you are on ..... THE LIST.

Just be careful.


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