Re: AP1200 on Permanent Pier sans Observatory

Jim S.

Hi Joseph,

Definitely the Hand Paddle comes in, and I was given the same advice
by someone at AP with respect to the CP3.

I guess there are two approaches. One school seems to argue that a
tight seal with a moisture-removing agent is the way to go, and the
other seems to argue the more air flow the better. Though perhaps I'm
misreading/misrepresenting one or both of those camps.

A quick web search revealed these convenient, rechargeable,
"indicating", desiccant containers:

A bunch of those underneath that TeleGizmos cover might work well.

Alternatively, a friend of mine recommended a low temperature
electronic-rod heater that he uses for due prevention on his 35ft
boat, available at most marine stores.

I appreciate everyone's help on this. I think the "dry it out, and
seal it tight with desiccant/heater inside" method is how I'm going to
proceed. And, of course, I'll bring the CP3 and the HP inside. I
imagine the same advice ("bring 'em in") holds for power supplies and
cables, although redoing all of the cables each time I set up is about
the least fun part of this hobby for me. Definitely need an
observatory. Or an apprentice. Darth Sumthin'-or-nuther. :)


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One thing that Marj once recommended to me was to at least
remove the CP3
controller, and bring it inside. The concern was for condensation
getting into
the electronics, causing corrosion.

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