Re: AP1200 on Permanent Pier sans Observatory

Rick Thurmond

I haven't seen condensation inside yet, but a bag of dessicant sitting
on the base of the mount might be a good idea. I think hardware
stores sell them to dry musty closets. Some of them might be
rechargeable in the oven.


On Oct 29, 2007, at 2:46 20PM, Jim S. wrote:

Thanks Ian. And thanks much Rick for your help here and off-line as

Ok, you both have me seriously wanting to install a permanent pier for
my new AP1200. But an observatory is out of the question with the
Aesthetics Committee. So, I worry about protecting the mount from the
elements, even with something like the Telegizmo 356/24/7 cover.

Isn't condensation an issue with any cover like this? In my climate,
we can easily have >30deg swings between day and night, with the
relative humidity going from nearly nonexistent to dripping wet,
respectively. It doesn't get terribly cold here though. It's VERY
rare for the low to dip below 30degF on the coldest nights.

Anyone else have their AP1200 mounted permanently, sans observatory?
How do you protect it (and the pier), and how do you mitigate
condensation if at all?


--- In ap-gto@..., "Ian Underhill" <astro1ds@...> wrote:

But I would have to say in the long run you should
consider what Rick said. Having your setup ready and aligned every
night just makes life sooo much easier and more enjoyable. I still
can't believe I went for a year before learning that lesson. Hope
this helps.


--- In ap-gto@..., Rick Thurmond <yahoogroups@> wrote:

I'm also observatory-less at present, at least compared to my last
place where I had an Astro-Haven dome. But I would never go pier-
less. I have a Astro-Pier from LeSeur bolted to a few hundred
of concrete in the one spot in my yard where I can see the whole

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