Comet 17P Holmes CCD/CAT + DSLR/Refractor + Eyeball

Dennis Persyk <dpersyk@...>

I'm an equal-opportunity imager. I have images from my Epsilon
f/3.3 astrograph with SXV-H9 and my Televue 4-inch refractor with
Canon 20D. I also have a "digital sketch" of what my eyeball
perceived looking though the refractor.

This is truly an amazing comet to observe and/or image – don't pass
it up!

Here is the link to my New Images page featuring the comet in three
modalities and supporting data – please take a look at the link

By now you have all seen images and posts regarding comet 17P
Holmes. It is truly an amazing comet. In the space of just 14
hours, the comet increased in brightness by 17 magnitudes -- that's
a factor of six million times brighter (2.51^17) ! You can view it
by naked eye, binoculars, or telescope. Imaging is easy because it
is so bright.

Be forewarned – this very bright comet has not yet developed a tail –
it will look like a bright, fuzzy, double star. Really fuzzy.

Here are a few links that I employ to scrounge up data on the comet
I'm going to image -- you may find them helpful for observing and

General source – magnitude, sky charts, background info

Light Curve


Ephemerides, including arc-seconds per minute relative motion
(important to determine maximum imaging time – want less than one
pixel blur per exposure)

Examples of these links are illustrated on my webpage.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
Igloo Observatory Home Page
Hampshire, IL

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